What is the meaning of “to the trade”?
Altura Furniture sells products through trade showrooms, primarily to design trade professionals such as designers and architects.

How can I receive pricing information?
Altura Furniture offers a wide range of sizes, finishes and options. A specific product description is needed to provide accurate pricing.
Here is how to get in touch:

Trade professionals
Simply contact your regional showroom to request pricing information. If there isn’t one in your region, speak to the showroom nearest you or you can contact us directly by completing our registration form.

Direct clients
If you wish to make a purchase but are not in the trade, please complete our registration form. We will gladly help you locate a designer or buying service to assist in your purchase.

What is the difference in a designer net price and retail price?
A designer net price is a discounted retail price. We offer it to design professionals, who have the experience and knowledge to fully understand and accurately specify our products. We highly suggest purchasing through a buying service or professional to help advise you on choices, so that you end up with the right piece of furniture for the given space. To those unfamiliar with custom-made furniture, our many choices may be confusing. If you don’t like your product–or it isn’t quite what you thought you were ordering–Altura Furniture products cannot typically be returned, or cancelled without charges.

What is the standard lead time?
Lead time for fabrication is 12-14 weeks from order placement. We will quote rush orders on an individual basis.
Altura products are not stock items. Each piece is custom-made, by hand, according to specifications. We take pride in our careful selection of materials, fine craftsmanship, advanced construction techniques and artistic eye while finishing. The resulting quality handmade furniture, built specifically for the project at hand, will be well worth the wait.

Where do I find specification details such as sizes, finishes and specialty options?
You will find this information on our website. Select the product and download the PDF product tear sheet.

Can I customize an Altura Product?
Altura products are made to order, so we absolutely can customize them to your specifications. A custom quote through one of our showrooms is required. If there is not a showroom in your region, please contact us directly.

What are the approval steps for a custom order?
1. Shop drawing – A custom piece requires a shop drawing for approval to ensure the requested custom changes are correct.
2. Finish sample – If a custom finish is specified, we will provide a finish sample for approval prior to finish application.
The designer provides Altura with a finish sample to match. Altura must approve the finish in order to proceed with the custom finish process to a third party. Typically, we match a wood stain color and finish using our standard satin open pore finish. If the sheen and/or porosity of the grain on the sample provided is different from our standard finishes, we need to know if we are to match those characteristics, too. We then will provide a final price quote. Please note that we may decline to match certain types of finishes.

How are custom items priced?
Customization pricing is determined by two factors: The number of changes made to a standard design and the complexity of those changes. Making a piece smaller than a standard size, for example, would be more expensive than the standard price as it requires a shop plan drawing and approval, plus new cutting lists.

How do I request a catalog?
Altura encourages the use of online catalogs as much as possible and the digital version generally represents the most up-to-date information. You can download our entire PDF catalog from our website by clicking this link here: > Download PDF Catalog

For designers or architects who would like a printed catalog, please fill out our registration form and we will gladly mail one.

Can I get a catalog tear sheet for a specific item?
Yes. You have a few options:
• Request a tear sheet from one of our showrooms
• Print a tear sheet from this website
• Fill out a registration form to receive one by mail
• You can also email a tear sheet by selecting the product’s “email this” envelope tab.

Can Altura ship an item directly to me?
Altura ships to residences or delivery warehouses, via blanket wrap truck, anywhere in the continental United States. We can also crate and ship to a warehouse or overseas destination. We charge a nominal pre-wrap fee on blanket wrap shipments to avoid any damage to our products. This includes a skid platform, if required, foam wrap, heavy duty cardboard corners and 1/8” hardboard sheets. This protective pre-wrap process has resulted in very few freight claims through the years.

How much does shipping cost?
It costs approximately 10-12% of the price of the item or order to ship an item with our blanket wrap truck service. Items that need crating and trucking usually will cost more to ship and may have to be delivered to a receiving warehouse. Smaller single items may cost more on a percentage basis, especially if they are delivered to a residence.

Does Altura accept credit cards?
We do not accept credit cards at this time. A purchase order and 50% deposit is required to place an order. The balance and shipping fees are invoiced when the product goes into finishing, with the final balance due prior to shipment.

Can I join Altura’s mailing/email list?
Absolutely. Please complete the registration form and we will gladly add you to our mailing list.

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