The catalyzed satin lacquer finish on Altura Furniture has been formulated for excellent water and alcohol resistance. However, over exposure to liquids, extreme sunlight, excessive humidity or dry conditions and extreme changes in temperature are not recommended for any type of wood furniture. These adverse conditions can discolor, fade, cause excessive expansion or contraction and even fracture the wood surface or glue joints.

All wood furniture will become warmer in its natural tones with exposure to natural light. Initial small scratches will become less noticeable as the surface accumulates wear and ages over time.

Dinnerware with sharp or gritty edges and uneven bottoms can scratch the finish and should be avoided. Table top accessories should have felt pads installed to protect the wood surface. Objects placed on surfaces for long periods of time may show light spots because the surrounding area has deepened in contrast from exposure to daylight. If this happens, move the object to expose the lighter area and the color will eventually even out.

Daily – Simply wipe down with a water-dampened cotton cloth, immediately followed with a dry cotton cloth. Please do not use strong chemical and abrasive cleaners or ammonia on wood furniture. Oils and waxy polishes tend to leave a greasy or smudgy surface. For more challenging cleaning requirements, add a small amount of liquid soap to the dampened cloth.

Monthly – or high use table tops Altura recommends a monthly cleaning with Endust or an equivalent silicone-free spray polish. We also recommend “The Original Bee’s Wax” which you can purchase online or through a local dealer. Mist the entire area with polish and wipe thoroughly with a 100% cotton cloth, flipping the cloth on the final wipe. This will clean and lightly lubricate the surface and give it a little shine. Surface scratching can be lessened by this monthly lubrication. Too much polishing may show fingerprints more readily, so use restraint when possible.

Maintenance and repair
Removing scuff marks – Removed black scuff marks from non-tabletop surfaces with polish and 0000 steel wool by rubbing lightly, directly on the marked area. Rubbing directly on a tabletop or highly visible area is not recommended, because it will highlight the area.

Removing nicks – Fill in small nicks and indentations with a colored wax stick, available at most hardware stores. Mix the sticks for a closer color match. Rub the wax stick into the damaged area, clean off the excess with a firm-edged plastic card and rub lightly with a clean cloth.

For more complicated touch-up or repairs, please call 1.800.332.2747. Provide your zip code and the operator will give you the closest touch-up specialist’s contact information. Additionally, your designer or showroom may have recommendations for touch-up specialists in your area.

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